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May 15, 2024

Holland & Knight Hospitality Leader Sees Mixed-Use Boom


Real Estate attorney Stacie Goeddel was interviewed by Law360, where she discussed the current boom in demand for mixed-use residential and hotel projects. Ms. Goeddel noted that the appetite for residences connected to luxury hotel brands is thriving, with buyers attracted to the amenities and experiences that come with owning such units. She also highlighted the importance of regulatory compliance and disclosures, particularly in relation to new environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability requirements, as a key focus for hospitality companies in the coming months. Lastly, she emphasized the global nature of this trend, having worked on projects in various markets around the world.

"My practice focuses on hospitality development, and specifically mixed-use development. I represent hotel companies generally in mixed-use developments where there's a hotel or residential component. And I help them with those types of projects globally. And so what I'm seeing specifically with in my practice — and this has been going on for several years — is a real boom in mixed-use development projects," she said.

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