The Economics of Health Care Reform: Healthcare Systems

June 23, 2010
Live Webinar

The recently-enacted healthcare reform law is going to have a dramatic impact on the allocation of resources, organization of service delivery, and public and private reimbursement streams that comprise the roughly one-sixth of the United States economy dedicated to healthcare. By 2019, it is projected that 35 million previously uninsured individuals will enter the health insurance marketplace under a mix of public and private coverage. At the same time, quality and efficiency reforms and market dynamics will promote restructuring of current delivery systems and organizational relationships among providers. Significant changes in Medicare policy will impact the mix and nature of service delivery to this population.

These and other elements of the new Accountable Care Act have significant implications for the financing of healthcare delivery and the spending and investment priorities of healthcare providers and suppliers. Financial services, construction and real estate interests that work in the healthcare marketplace need to understand the potential implications of these changes, how to affect the direction these changes take in the coming years at both the state and federal levels, and how to prepare for significant alterations in the healthcare playing field.

We invite you to join us for a live webinar hosted by a multi-disciplinary Holland & Knight team that will review and discuss the implications of the new reform law for the delivery and financing of healthcare services and future capital infrastructure investment. The webinar will provide a broad overview of the new law and a discussion focused on the opportunities and challenges that the new law offers for real estate developers, construction companies and financial firms, including insurers, who are active in the healthcare market. We will identify issues that may require advocacy before the federal and state agencies and on Capitol Hill, as the new healthcare regulatory landscape takes shape.


Randolph Fenninger | Senior Policy Advisor
Robert Bradner | Partner
Tom Morante | Partner
Stephen Shapiro | Partner

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