Confronting Ethical Issues in International Arbitration

Perspectives of Latin American Arbitral Institutions
October 14, 2010

International Litigation and Latin America Partner Enrique Gomez-Pinzon will speak at an ITA-CCB Americas Workshop titled, "Confronting Ethical Issues in International Arbitration," featuring "Perspectives of Latin American Arbitral Institutions."

Mr. Gomez-Pinzon will take part in a section of the seminar titled, "The Arbitration: Ethical Issues in Preparing and Presenting the Case." He will play the arbitrator appointed by a claimant in a workshop addressing a hearing on document disclosure requests. Claimant and respondent have each sought disclosure of the other party’s documents, including ones prepared by in-house counsel. The protections afforded such documents differ under the applicable legal regimes of Buyerland and Sellerville. The tribunal hears argument on motions to order disclosure.

Mr. Gomez Pinzon will play the same role in another workshop featuring an arbitrator deliberation on motions for disclosure with possible corruption issues. The arbitrators deliberate on the motions to order disclosure. One arbitrator also queries what obligation the arbitrators may have to pursue concerns as to possible bribery.

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