ICSC U.S. Shopping Center Law Conference

October 16-19, 2013
Manchester Grand Hyatt
1 Market Place
San Diego, CA

Holland & Knight attorneys will speak at ICSC's US Shopping Center Law Conference that will bring together top real estate attorneys to discuss legal issues and learn how to overcome pitfalls to maximize the success of projects.

  • Tara Scanlon  |  "Navigating Law Firm Conflicts of Interest: What In-House and Outside Counsel and Clients Should Know," October 17
  • Jim Mayer  |  "Who Says that Brokerage and Management Agreements are Not Negotiable?," October 17
  • Janis Schiff  |   "You Are What You Eat: Hot Issues in Grocery Anchored Developments," October 18
  • Chris Brockman  |  "Double Trouble: Can You Make a Site Work When You Lease From two Different Owners? What if You Buy 1/2 and Lease 1/2?" October 19

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