CAPA Qatar Aviation Aeropolitical and Regulatory Summit 2019

February 5-6, 2019
Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel
Al Corniche St

Partners Robert Ricketts and Anita Mosner will be participating as panelists at the CAPA Qatar Aviation Aeropolitical and Regulatory Summit 2019 in Doha, Qatar on Feb. 5-6, 2019.

Mr. Ricketts will be discussing Brexit and how the aviation industry will change as ancient norms are reviewed from a 21st century marketplace perspective as part of the panel, "Post-Brexit: All Change - or No Change?" Mr. Ricketts will also provide his insights into whether Brexit could be the catalyst to reform the entire bilateral system of aviation governance.

Ms. Mosner will be a panelist for "Where to, North America's Approach to Open Skies?" and will discuss how the U.S. aviation industry feels about the North Atlantic multilateral agreement after Brexit discussions prompted a review of the modern liberal bilateral system. The U.S. is seeming to waver from its commitment to open skies, while Canada remains committed to its Blue Skies protectionist policy. Ms. Mosner and the panel will deliberate on how the industry will navigate between trade and travel and whether antitrust immunity should be expanded or contracted. 

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