Cyberwarfare 2020

Cybersecurity Summit for Government Contractors, Federal Publications Seminars and NeoSystems
Webinar, CLE Available
November 17, 2020
1:00 PM - 3:45 PM ET

Government Contracts Partner Eric Crusius will co-host a session titled "Cyberwarfare" at the 2020 Virtual Cybersecurity Summit for Government Contractors. The summit will discuss the top priorities including and beyond COVID-19 that government and businesses are facing within the government contracting industry. Panelists will examine the legal and regulatory framework of cybersecurity, insurance perils and protections, employees working remotely and global policy on cybersecurity. Mr. Crusius's session will discuss foreign adversaries and technology. It will outline where hacks are coming in, our biggest vulnerabilities and who our greatest allies are in combatting the global threat.

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