Investing in More Modern, Efficient and Greener Ports, and Associated Infrastructure

6th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum (CARIF)
September 20, 2022
12:30 PM - 1:15 PM ET
Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove
3300 S.W. 27th Ave.
Miami, FL 33133

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) attorney Lara Rios will moderate a panel at the 6th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum (CARIF) in Miami. Her session will take place on the second day of the conference and will focus on the shipping industry's commitment to decarbonization. Speakers will explore what developments will help regional ports increase capacity and encourage clean fuel vessels, how infrastructure developments and updated management of port assets can address bottlenecks, what needs to be done to replace diesel bunkering for more efficient fuels, including financial support, and what opportunities exist for associated infrastructure like connected roads to support more efficient port operations.

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