November 12, 2020

2020 Post-Election Briefing with Bloomberg Government

Holland & Knight and Bloomberg Government Webinar

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Bloomberg Government and Holland & Knight's Public Policy & Regulation Group hosted a post-election webinar to discuss policy impacts from the 2020 elections.

The panel conversations highlighted what to expect for 2021 and beyond in the areas of transportation, healthcare, energy and environment, and budget and appropriations. In addition, the panelists shared their thoughts and best practices on how to engage with the incoming administration and next Congress. 


Arielle Elliott  |  President, Bloomberg Government
Jack Fitzpatrick  |  Senior Reporter, Bloomberg Government
Miranda Franco  |  Senior Policy Advisor, Holland & Knight
Michael Friedberg  |  Partner, Holland & Knight
Rich Gold  |  Partner, Holland & Knight
Lauri Hettinger  |  Senior Policy Advisor, Holland & Knight
Dimitrios Karakitsos  |  Partner, Holland & Knight
Kellie Lunney  |  Senior Reporter, Bloomberg Government
Heather Rothman  |  News Director, Bloomberg Government
Courtney Rozen  |  Reporter, Bloomberg Government
Alex Ruoff  |  Senior Reporter, Bloomberg Government
Beth Viola  |  Senior Policy Advisor, Holland & Knight
Shawna Watley  |  Senior Policy Advisor, Holland & Knight
Michael Werner  |  Partner, Holland & Knight
David Whitestone  |  Partner, Holland & Knight

Duration: 1:28:49

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