June 29, 2022

Al Paredón con Jorge Hernán Peláez

DIRECTV Colombia Channel 129

Energy and Natural Resources attorney Estefanny Pardo participated in the program "Al Paredón con Jorge Hernán Peláez," in which she discussed a sentence issued recently by Colombia's State Council. This is a ruling in which a corporation refrains from declaring the nullity of a mining license contract due to surviving environmental restrictions. In this sentence, the high corporation indicates that it is not possible to declare the nullity of a mining concession contract for a forest reserve area that was declared after the contract was signed. Ms. Pardo highlighted the importance of taking into account that not all environmental protection areas are areas of exclusion from mining and explained under what conditions a valid cause of immunity is not allowed to declare the absolute nullity of a contract. However, Ms. Pardo insisted that the State Council must unify its jurisprudence in this regard since contradictory sentences have been given regardless of the State Council's declarations.

Duration: 2:00

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