June 20, 2024

The War Against Coal...FTA Israel vs. Colombia

La Voz Minera EMG

Mining attorney Estefanny Pardo presented a new radio program in partnership with La Voz Minera EMG titled "Minería al Día con Estefanny Pardo." In this episode, Ms. Pardo analyzes a draft decree proposed by Colombia's Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism that would ban coal exports to Israel. The draft's authors say public interests should be prioritized over private economic concerns, citing international humanitarian issues and the military's use of coal. Ms. Pardo notes the decree could challenge the Colombia-Israel Free Trade Agreement and create a dilemma within Colombia's coal mining sector. She added that she hopes all interested parties have the opportunity to voice their opinions as they await the government's final decision on the decree.

Duration: 16:47

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