June 6, 2019

Questions Abound for Alcohol Beverage Companies

Marijuana Venture
Michael Brill Newman | Jason Hartley Barker

Alcohol Beverage Attorneys Michael Newman and Jason Barker published an article that was featured in the Marijuana Venture on the possibility of alcohol companies expanding their industry into the cannabis marketplace. According to research in the Canadian market, adult-use or the medical marijuana market “is a potentially safer play for a U.S.-based alcohol beverage operator.” Professionals wonder if the various federal and state regulations laws will allow alcohol beverage suppliers and wholesalers to sell cannabis items within the U.S. As long as there is a federal prohibition on the use of cannabis within the U.S., the industry will remain in an uncharted territory. This will result in no federal enforcement activities to domestic and offshore cannabis' investments at this time.

READ: Questions Abound for Alcohol Beverage Companies

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