May 12, 2020

11 Post-Pandemic Predictions For Telehealth Regulation

Shannon Britton Hartsfield | Robert S. Hill

Healthcare Attorneys Michael DeAgro, Shannon Hartsfield and Robert Hill co-authored a Law360 article highlighting 11 predictions for telehealth regulation following the COVID-19 pandemic. The response to the pandemic has brought a flurry of healthcare regulations and guidance across various areas, including telehealth. The temporary changes specific to telehealth, however, may accelerate long-lasting regulatory developments that encourage telehealth. As the landscape was already ripe with potential for more widespread implementation, the pandemic may create a springboard for telehealth delivery to leave the station with the engine roaring even after the pandemic — creating opportunities to improve patient care as well as create additional revenue streams for providers.

READ: 11 Post-Pandemic Predictions For Telehealth Regulation

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