May 29, 2020

‘Bridgegate’ Decision May Impact ‘Varsity Blues’ Prosecutions

Bloomberg Law
Steven D. Gordon

White Collar Defense Partner Steven Gordon wrote an article in Bloomberg Law discussing a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision reversing the convictions in the 'Bridgegate' scandal, which establishes limits on the scope of the federal wire fraud and mail fraud statutes. The ruling in the ‘Bridgegate’ case has the potential to impact the current prosecutions in the 'Varsity Blues' college admissions scandal. The court’s decision will not only affect prosecutions involving alleged public corruption, it will also touch prosecutions involving the alleged defrauding of private entities and individuals. Mr. Gordon says the case should discourage prosecutors from bringing charges where the property interests at stake is only a minor part of an alleged fraudulent scheme.

READ: ‘Bridgegate’ Decision May Impact ‘Varsity Blues’ Prosecutions

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