May 3, 2022

Defense Takeaways from NY Uber Arbitration Fees Ruling

William F. Farley | Martin G. Durkin | Mark S. Melodia

Litigation attorneys William Farley, Martin Durkin and Mark Melodia co-authored an article in Law360 about a mass arbitration case against Uber. Following the death of George Floyd, Uber Eats announced that it would waive delivery fees for orders placed at black-owned restaurants. More than 31,000 claimants filed arbitration demands claiming that delivery fees for non-black-owned restaurants constituted unlawful reverse race discrimination. The  Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the trial court order rejecting Uber's motion for preliminary injunction, in which Uber sought to enjoin the American Arbitration Association from issuing any additional invoices. Mr. Farley, Mr. Durkin and Mr. Melodia provide key takeaways from the case in this article.

READ: Defense Takeaways from NY Uber Arbitration Fees Ruling

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