Class Action Litigation and Arbitration

  • Holland & Knight guides clients throughout the entire class action process, from the moment a suit is threatened until a resolution is reached.
  • Our Class Action Team provides prompt crisis management counseling and strategic planning advice to help clients limit their exposure and cost.
  • Members of our team are well versed in traditional class action litigation, as well as class arbitrations and international class actions.


Class action litigation and arbitration can pose a tremendous threat to even the most respected and financially stable companies. A prompt, carefully constructed and thorough response plan is paramount to protecting your interests. From the moment a suit is threatened, Holland & Knight's Class Action Team can guide you through the cumbersome and high-stakes process, whether it involves settlement, litigation or arbitration in the United States or abroad.

Experience Spanning Multiple Industries and Issues

Our team defends clients across a wide range of industries on a diverse array of issues, including mass torts, consumer law, employment law, securities class action litigation and environmental matters. Our clients include companies of all sizes that operate in the Unites States and around the world in fields such as accounting, banking, food and beverage, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retailing, securities, telecommunications, transportation and travel.

Proactive Crisis Management to Achieve Your Objectives

Often, a swiftly implemented crisis communication plan can mean the difference between a positive and a negative outcome. Our High-Stakes Communications Team can assist you in rapidly addressing issues that arise throughout the course of class action suits, including reputation protection, spokesperson preparation, risk assessments, simulation exercises, high profile media relations, vigilant mainstream and on-line media monitoring and rapid response to inaccuracies or misleading information. Working collaboratively with you, we address all requirements of the situation, from litigation communications to Congressional testimony.

Planning for a Positive Outcome

Once a class action suit is filed, our team can help you plan how best to respond, including strategies for potentially avoiding or limiting the suit. From the outset of each case, we work closely with you to determine your desired results, evaluate the risks and devise the most effective strategy to support your business goals. Our approach is to limit your exposure and cost through meticulous planning, careful budgeting and steady reevaluation throughout the course of the matter. Our focus is always on achieving the best business result for you, whether that entails litigating the matter through trial and appeal or achieving a prompt and advantageous settlement.

Comprehensive Representation for Your Global Needs

Class actions are not restricted to the courts or even to U.S. citizens or residents. We can defend your interests in every forum and at every level, including arbitrations as well as trials and appeals in federal and state courts across the United States. We have amassed extensive experience in all aspects of class action litigation, including:

  • litigating class certification
  • conducting class and merits discovery
  • guiding clients through the court approval and notice process
  • litigating the merits in large class action lawsuits
  • negotiating complicated class action settlements
  • handling appeals involving class certification and related issues

In many instances, class actions can spawn copycat litigation, often by competing plaintiffs’ counsel. Due to the size and our geographic scope of our firm, which includes offices throughout the United States and in several cities internationally, we have a strong history of defending such litigation. In some instances, we leverage Holland & Knight offices close to the second or third lawsuit; in others, we use tactics such as multidistrict consolidation to efficiently resolve these types of claims.

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