August 17, 2022

Luxury M&As: How Youth and Digitisation Are Driving Activity

The Luxury Law Alliance, Multilaw
Danielle N. Garno | Julie Blackmore | Gabrielle E. Engel

Fashion law attorney Danielle Garno, along with corporate attorneys Julie Blackmore and Gabrielle Engel, contributed to an article published by The Luxury Law Alliance and Multilaw exploring current trends in the global luxury mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market and factors that will influence future M&A activity. In 2020 alone, a record 277 M&A deals closed in the industry, and the continued growth is being driven by competition for market share, digitization of products, emergence of the metaverse and long-lasting effects of the pandemic. The article discusses the importance of material adverse effect (MAE) provisions when negotiating deals as well as lists areas like intellectual property and cybersecurity that counsel should keep in mind throughout the deal-making process. The authors also analyze trends expected to shape future M&A activity, such as the metaverse, crypto and increased consolidation.

READ: Luxury M&As: How Youth and Digitisation Are Driving Activity

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