November 6, 2023

Holland & Knight Data Privacy and Security Report: October 2023

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Marissa C. Serafino | Christopher DeLacy | Joel E. Roberson | Misha Lehrer

Welcome to Holland & Knight's monthly data privacy and security news update that includes the latest in policy, regulatory updates and other significant developments. If you see anything in this report that you would like additional information on, please reach out to authors or members of Holland & Knight's Data Strategy, Security & Privacy Team.

Executive and Departmental Updates

  • White House Issues EO on AI
  • CFPB Issues Proposed Personal Finance Data Rule
  • FTC Finalizes Amendment to Safeguards Rule
  • United States-United Kingdom Data Bridge Goes Into Effect

Legislative Updates

  • New Speaker of the House Elected: Rep. Mike Johnson
  • Fourth Quarter Outlook
  • House Hearing on AI: Push for National Data Privacy Standard
  • More AI Legislation Introduced in Both Chambers
  • Parents Take to the Hill to Advocate for KOSA

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