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March 11, 2019

FBI Has New Miami Squad to Fight International Corruption

South Florida Sun Sentinel

Partner Wifredo Ferrer, who was the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida, spoke with South Florida Sun Sentinel on Miami’s new plan to set up an international corruption squad due to an increase with illicit drug money or cash stolen from foreign governments. Currently, the U.S. has increased its law enforcement involving corruption in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Mexico. However, Venezuela is heading towards the collapse of corruption. 

“In Venezuela, there is such a focus right now by the U.S. government in making sure they bring to justice those who have laundered money stolen from the country,” said Mr. Ferrer.

Mr. Ferrer added that throughout most of the hemisphere, Latin Americans are drained from the corruption and want officials to decrease it.

“There is an increase in public outcries,” stated Mr. Ferrer. “There have been marches in certain countries. Citizens don’t want to keep having to suffer the negative effects of corruption. There is a real will and desire in these countries to have this focus,” mentioned Mr. Ferrer.

READ: FBI Has New Miami Squad to Fight International Corruption

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