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April 26, 2019

SIC Raises Reengineering for the Industrial Property Sector

Asuntos Legales

The Colombian government's economic policy has placed an emphasis on the so-called orange economy. During the seminar on Industrial Property and the Orange Economy, the superintendent of Industry and Commerce, Andrés Barreto, discussed integration of the regulations in the public entertainment sector and the orange economy and trying to create a more holistic system around creative economies. Attention was also given to the idea of joining the entities that focus on copyright (National Directorate of Copyright) and organizations seeking to protect industrial property (Superintendency of Industry and Commerce).

Intellectual Property Attorney Danilo Romero commented, "although normative unification may be the ideal, the problem is that the authorities have not been concerned about the internationalization of Colombian copyright." Mr. Romero said, "to develop an effective one should be given a broader and more representative weight in the national budget."

READSIC Raises Reengineering for the Industrial Property Sector

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