• Holland & Knight's Copyright Protection and Prosecution Team assists clients in creating and implementing intellectual property protections that preserve rights to their creative works and enhance their industry standing.
  • Our global presence and network of overseas attorneys enables us to protect your intellectual property interests around the world.
Copyright Definition


Creative innovations involving the Internet, software, communications and a wide array of other technologies occur on a daily basis, making copyright protection more valuable — and critical — than ever before. Copyrights are an important method for safeguarding your original works of authorship and are an integral part of an intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

Protecting Your Interests Globally

Holland & Knight's Intellectual Property Practice includes a team of copyright professionals who are on the cutting edge of intellectual property law issues. Whether you are a large company, an emerging entity or an individual, our team will protect your works. We represent those who create, own and manage software, computer programs, literary works, music, recordings, films, artwork, logos, designs, product packaging, Internet content and architectural works, among many other areas. Our global capacity enables us to protect your intellectual property in the United States and throughout the world.

Experience with Contemporary Issues Ensures You Are Protected

With the continual emergence of new technologies, copyright law is more complex than ever before. Holland & Knight is on the cutting edge of these issues. Whether addressing digital rights, pirated software or DVDs, or infringement with respect to more traditional mediums such as books and plays, our Copyright Protection and Prosecution Team has the knowledge and experience to protect your rights.

Protecting a Broad Range of Rights

Our copyright attorneys offer strategic advice to help you manage your rights with respect to current issues such as:

  • use and licensing of open-source software 
  • determination of "fair use" 
  • use of technology to protect copyrighted material 
  • protection of software and databases
  • copyright protection for online materials
  • digital performance rights 
  • protection of logos, designs and product packaging 
  • interplay of trademarks, copyrights and patents to provide the most comprehensive IP protection 
  • access and substantial similarity challenges 
  • works for hire 
  • joint authorship 
  • applicability and compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and protections afforded by the act's safe harbors 
  • the establishment, enforcement and collection of statutory royalties for compulsory licenses

Protecting Your Rights Through Litigation

From the licensing of copyrighted works, to performance rights in music, to the use of copyright law in combating gray market goods, counterfeiting and piracy, our team delivers solid intellectual property protection to our clients. We have participated in some of the most cutting-edge copyright litigation in recent years, including representation of major companies and trade organizations in the music and television industries before federal courts, the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel and the Copyright Royalty Tribunal. Our attorneys have been entrusted to litigate numerous business-critical copyright cases, as well as issues of first impression before these courts and tribunals.

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