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July 10, 2020

US Government Contractors Told To Prove They Have No Huawei Ties

Financial Times

Government Contracts Partner Eric Crusius was quoted in a Financial Times article about a new rule requiring companies to show they do not use certain Chinese groups’ products. Companies that provide the U.S. government with goods and services must certify that they do not use Huawei equipment or products from other controversial Chinese groups, according to a new Trump administration rule.

“All the largest tech companies in the world do business with the federal government and will have to take stock,” said Mr. Crusius, adding that it was incredibly expansive. Companies that want to secure contracts with the US government will now have to examine their businesses around the world to ensure that they are in compliance with the law. “This is in a different league because it covers every government agency and covers acquisitions of all sizes,” said Mr. Crusius, who said it could even apply to companies that supply run-of-the-mill products such as staplers.

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