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October 16, 2020

Does Colombia's Mining Future Lie in Metals Output?

Latin American Advisor, Inter-American Dialogue

Energy & Natural Resources Attorney Inés Elvira Vesga was interviewed by the Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Advisor for an article about the future of Colombia's mining industry. Ms. Vesga commented that Colombian coal remains of great value in the international market, so it will continue to be important for the country's economy. She added, however, that the global energy transition depends on metals, which provide the raw material for the technology used to generate and store solar and wind energy, and that because of this, the Colombian government wants to diversify its mining production. She also said that the country's experience with coal mining can inform regulations for new operations.

"The lessons from coal and gold mining can provide a basis for the government and regulators to demand the highest environmental and social responsibility standards in new projects," Ms. Vesga said. "Controls have gradually been tightened to ensure responsible and sustainable exploitation, and similar controls should apply to any new mining operations."

READ: Does Colombia's Mining Future Lie in Metals Output?

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