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July 7, 2021

Big Law’s Health Privacy Teams Step Up to Tackle COVID Aftermath

Bloomberg Law

Privacy and Data Security attorney Mark Melodia was quoted in a Bloomberg Law article about the amplified need for specialized law firms with expertise in both privacy and life sciences. The explosion of telemedicine and a rise in patient data collection, as a result of COVID-19, has created a growing need for cross-sector legal practices. Mr. Melodia explained how Holland & Knight has been impacted by the pandemic and how his team plans to adjust, given the industry shift.

“Our litigation and defense docket for healthcare companies is the highest it’s ever been because of privacy and security issues,” he said. While it’s difficult to say how much of this is directly because of COVID-19, data breaches and security issues have “corresponded with the pandemic.”

The pandemic also “forced a shift to telemedicine” he continued. “The ways in which traditional healthcare providers were figuring out how to go to market and reach their patients safely, effectively in ways consistent with HIPAA and other obligations have become a more significant part of our day-to-day practice.”

READ: Big Law’s Health Privacy Teams Step Up to Tackle COVID Aftermath

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