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April 21, 2022

Injunctions Become the Last Resort to Define the Energy Policy


Energy attorney Carlos Ochoa was quoted in an article from Expansión about injunctions that are expected to come following the rejection of Mexico's energy reform and a Supreme Court decision not to declare the changes to the Law of the Electric Industry (LIE) unconstitutional. In response to these events, the judges and courts will have to evaluate approximately 250 injunctions that were filed to avoid confronting the secondary reform. The future of the injunctions rests in the hands of district judges, which will have to provide a response before the effects of the measures. Many assure that a new wave of injunctions will arrive in the sector and companies are already preparing strategies while they await the individual rulings.

"Just because the Court decides for these articles to be valid, does not mean that they cannot continue to be combated in the injunctions. The injunctions are going to continue and we could have the district courts determine, in some of them, such as those specialized in economic matters, that they do threaten competition," he said. "You will have enough elements to defend yourself in a second stage."

READ: Injunctions Become the Last Resort to Define the Energy Policy

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