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April 27, 2022

Will Mexican Firms Reap Returns from 5G Investments?

Latin America Advisor, The Dialogue

Technology & Telecommunications attorneys Luis Rubio and Octavio Lecona spoke with The Dialogue's Latin America Advisor about the deployment of a 5G network in Mexico. Earlier this year América Móvil launched 5G services in 18 cities across the country, providing access to about 1 million Mexicans, and the company plans to invest $1.8 billion to create the largest commercial 5G network in Latin America. Mr. Rubio and Mr. Lecona commented on how cities will be able to take advantage of the new networks, explaining that small 5G cells will need to be installed using existing infrastructure like light poles and stoplights. They also described how to overcome the challenge of differing application requirements and response times across different levels of government.

"Deploying 5G networks will require close and timely coordination with local, state and federal authorities," they said. "...Such initiatives demand a firm and long-term commitment from all three levels of government."

READ: Will Mexican Firms Reap Returns from 5G Investments?

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