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August 31, 2022

Miami Air To Face Trimmed Guantanamo Flight Injury Claims


Litigation Attorneys Lee Teichner and Joshua Levenson spoke with Law360 about their representation of Miami Air in a case determining whether Guantanamo Bay constitutes a "territory" of Cuba or the U.S. under the Montreal Convention, the international treaty establishing rights and liabilities for passengers on international flights. A Florida federal judge stated that the Miami Air charter flight at the heart of this case was an international flight governed by the Montreal Convention, thus providing the exclusive means for passengers to pursue in litigation over a May 2019 runway crash.

Mr. Teichner and Mr. Levenson said that they are "pleased and concur with the court's decision, which reaffirms that the Montreal Convention exclusively governs the rights and liabilities of the parties on matters involving international transportation, including to and from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba," they said. "We appreciate the court's careful and thoughtful analysis as it relates to this important issue."

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