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September 15, 2023

2002 Tax Reform: Risk of Changes in Various Taxes


Tax attorney Rafael Lafont was cited in a Semana magazine article as part of its special edition "Attorney Rankings: What Are the Challenges That the Legal Sector Faces?" This article addresses the crossroads that Colombia faces as a result of the tax reform that was approved in 2022. More than 50 constitutional challenges have been filed, which gives rise to concerns about the repercussions for the affected sectors. Mr. Lafont highlighted the significant implications for the mining sector if the measures are not declared unenforceable.

"The big problem arises with the rule that prohibits the deductibility of royalties in the mining sector. According to studies that were presented in recent public hearings, if the rule is not declared unenforceable, the sector will disappear, with the consequent loss of royalties and taxation, which is highly concerning for the public finances in the medium and long term," he explained.

READ: 2002 Tax Reform: Risk of Changes in Various Taxes

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