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October 13, 2023

These Are the Challenges and Legal Barriers That Exist in Regulation to Use Hydrogen

La República

Energy attorneys Inés Elvira Vesga and Milton Montoya were cited in a La República article about the challenges and barriers in the regulation of green hydrogen in Colombia. Ms. Vesga highlighted the difficulties in obtaining environmental licenses, the need to establish standards for low-emission hydrogen and regulatory gaps in pipeline transportation. She also discussed the importance of incentives for technological adaptation and infrastructure, as well as existing tax incentives for related projects. Similarly, Mr. Montoya also explained that one of the challenges is the cost of green hydrogen production and the need to reduce it in order for hydrogen to be competitive in the market.

“The need to define on a regular basis what the threshold is for H2 to be considered low emissions, and the expansion of tax benefits to this type of H2,” said Ms. Vesga.

“Costs need to be reduced to be competitive in the market. There are other storage and transportation technology challenges,” said Mr. Montoya.

READ: These Are the Challenges and Legal Barriers That Exist in Regulation to Use Hydrogen

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