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March 26, 2024

Understanding How the Transfer of Rights Work in Real Estate Purchases

Asuntos Legales

Real Estate attorney Esteban García was quoted in an Asuntos Legales article discussing the complexity and variability of structures in acquiring new real estate properties. Mr. García highlighted that such transactions can range from purchase promise contracts with specific conditions to more complex trust-based structures. He emphasized the importance of transferring rights and contractual positions as a key tool for those needing to transfer their stake in a real estate project before finalizing the deed. He also stressed the necessity of documenting any transfer in writing and properly notifying both the developer and the trust entity to ensure the process's legality and transparency.

"Acquiring a property, especially a new one, may involve various types of arrangements. It's crucial for the transfer to be documented in writing and for this document to be notified to the developer or builder, as well as to the trust," he said.

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