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April 18, 2024

Chinese Autos are a "Flashpoint"


International Trade attorney Turenna Ramirez was cited in a Reforma article about the possibility of a dispute between the U.S. and Mexico under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreemeent (USMCA). Mexico frequently exports parts for electric vehicles manufactured in the country but from Chinese producers, which could provoke the application of protectionist measures on the United States' part as a result of economic tensions between both nations. Ms. Ramirez, who leads the firm's International Trade, Customs and Regulatory team in Mexico, commented that the origin of investments will be one of the principal themes of the USMCA amendments in 2026.

"The degree of protectionism that the United States could impose on this type of Chinese investment in Mexico to produce, in the specific case of electric cars for the North American market, seems to me to be in a compound position in the review of the USMCA in 2026," she said. "This situation will be used by the U.S. to try to tighten the access to its electric vehicle market."

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