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May 22, 2024

4 Questions About Trailblazing AI Bias Law in Colo.


Data strategy and privacy attorney Rachel Marmor was quoted in a Law360 article about Colorado's trailblazing artificial intelligence (AI) bias law. The law, set to take effect in February 2026, requires developers and users of "high-risk" AI systems to mitigate algorithmic discrimination. While the law may undergo changes before its effective date, Ms. Marmor advised employers not to delay in planning for compliance, as the central themes are unlikely to change substantially. She also emphasized that the law aligns with the broader trend of AI regulation being proposed globally.

"Maybe we see the definition of 'consequential decision' get amended, maybe we don't. Maybe we see some of the time frames get edited," she said. "But I have a hard time thinking that given what we're seeing proposed across the country, and frankly across the world, that this is going to change really dramatically in some sort of amendment process between now and the effective date."

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