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May 22, 2024

Las Vegas Ruling Offers Roadmap for AI Clashes with Antitrust

Bloomberg Law

Antitrust attorney Kenneth Racowski was quoted in a Bloomberg Law article discussing how a Nevada judge's dismissal of a price-fixing lawsuit involving major Las Vegas hotels will affect similar cases across the United States. He referred to the judge's decision as a "silver bullet" for defending against algorithmic price-fixing suits, suggesting it provides substantial support for arguments in favor of defendants in these cases. Mr. Racowski's comments highlight the significance of the ruling for legal defenses in antitrust litigations involving artificial intelligence (AI)-powered information systems.

Mr. Racowski also authored a Holland & Knight client alert on this case.

“It’s a silver bullet for almost all these cases. If you’re actively litigating these cases, I think it provides a lot of ammunition and fuel for arguments for your clients," he said.

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