October 13, 2021

Identity Protection for High-Net-Worth Individuals and Family Offices

Holland & Knight International Private Client Webinar Series
The final installment in this series focuses on identity protection for high-net-worth individuals and their families, businesses and family offices. Cyberattackers are using dark web tactics to threaten individuals and businesses, and these attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication through both ransomware and phishing techniques. Threats include the publication of confidential information, rerouting of payments, depleting financial accounts and/or disruption to everyday life.

During this webinar, Partners Paul Bond, Shardul Desai and Thomas Bentz discuss how to protect against hackers. These attorneys have extensive experience in setting up defenses against identify theft on the corporate and personal level, overseeing criminal investigations and prosecutions concerning identify theft, cybercrime and dark web activity, and negotiating cyber insurance coverage and maximizing insurance recovery in connection with cyber risk.

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