Vendome Group's Construction SuperConference

December 13, 2012
Palace Hotel
San Francisco, CA

Construction Team Chair Stephen Shapiro, False Claims Act Defense and Government Contracts Partner Christopher Myers, and Construction Partners Ben Subin and Michael Di Paolo will speak at the Vendome Group's Construction SuperConference.

Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Subin will participate on a panel titled "Managing Risk on a Mega Project." Mr. Shapiro will moderate the panel while Mr. Subin will discuss the following:

  • how to address risk in contract negotiations
  • selecting the proper form of project delivery
  • joint venture arrangements
  • specific issues associated with EPC and design-build contracts
  • challenges performing contracts in foreign countries
  • dealing with the problem owner

Mr. Myers will speak on a panel titled "Avoiding False Claim Allegations in the Pricing of Changes and Claims Under Public Construction Contracts – Contractor and DOJ Perspectives." He will discuss the following:

  • how changes in federal and state statutes, combined with more aggressive enforcement, expose contractors to serious personal and financial risks
  • the specific issues on which contractors have run afoul of federal and state enforcement authorities
  • simple, concrete, and cost-effective steps contractors can take to avoid false claims liability in the first place

Mr. Di Paolo will speak on a panel titled "De-Risking Construction Projects: Building a Better Risk Management System and Why It’s So Important."

Within the global construction industry, there are well-structured and defined insurance solutions for corporate risk managers to "de-risk" projects. Yet there is a perception that solutions for non-insured risks are something that contractors and owners resolve internally in a less structured approach, despite the known magnitude of these risks and the need for effective solutions. These panel members propose that a better understanding of solutions for both insurable and non-insurable risks might allow a more comprehensive de-risking strategy, and that these innovations are relevant to stakeholders.

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