Quantum Computing: Tomorrow's Risks and Today's Opportunities

Holland & Knight Webinar
Quantum Computing: Tomorrow's Risks and Today's Opportunities
January 18, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET
Zoom Meeting

Cybersecurity attorney Mark Francis and intellectual property attorneys Robert Hill and Jacob Schneider will co-host a webinar about progress in quantum computing, a phenomenon that appears to be approaching a leap from science fiction to reality. By harnessing the universe's most basic properties, these machines promise to dramatically outperform our current computers to solve previously unsolvable problems in cryptography, finance, biology, chemistry and physics, as well as in many other fields.

As quantum computing matures as an industry and business leaders see the opportunities it creates, how do we prepare for this rapid technological advancement? What issues should clients and practitioners monitor in the years ahead?

Topics Include:

  • the ingenuity behind quantum computing – using the mechanics of the microscopic universe to crunch numbers
  • the types of previously "impossible" problems that quantum computing can solve
  • legal and business implications when quantum computing finally makes its leap
  • timing the quantum computing breakthrough
  • cybersecurity compromised – the disruptive effect of quantum computers on traditional cryptography


Mark Francis  |  Partner, New York
Robert Hill  |  Partner, Dallas
Jacob Schneider  |  Partner, Boston
Alan Jamison  |  Assistant Professor, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo

Watch the recording:

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