AI, Innovation & Policy

SMU Science & Technology Law Review 2024 Symposium
CLE Available, Seminar
February 23, 2024
1:45 PM - 3:00 PM CT
SMU Dedman School of Law
3315 Daniel Ave
Dallas, TX 75205

Intellectual Property attorney Robert Hill will be speaking at the SMU AI Symposium on a panel that will explore the intricate ways generative artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining content production. He will delve into its ability to create new, non-hardcoded content across various mediums, such as text, images, audio and code, heralding unprecedented possibilities. Mr. Hill will also address the challenges this technology presents, highlighting the difficulty in distinguishing between real and AI-generated content, especially in the context of deepfakes during politically charged times. Furthermore, he will discuss how even imperfect AI simulations are potent enough to trigger significant reactions, underscoring the evolving complexities in evaluating these technological advancements. 

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