October 5, 2021

Benefits and Challenges of Expanding Your Business into the Republic of Korea

Part 2: Korea-Based Companies That Want to Do Business in the U.S.
Holland & Knight with RSM, RG Consulting Services, KData and the DRCC International Business Council

Holland & Knight's Korea Practice joined RSM, RG Consulting Services and KData for Part 2 of a two-part webinar series on cross-border business between the United States and the Republic of Korea. This session focused on the benefits and challenges facing Korean companies looking to enter the U.S. market. Partner David Cole and other speakers discuss why the U.S. presents an attractive market for Korea-based businesses, considerations for Korea-based companies when expanding overseas, local regulatory issues presented when conducting business in the U.S. and real-life experiences from exceptional service providers of Korea-based companies that have successfully expanded into the U.S..

Duration: 1:52:51

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