April 2019

No Country For Corrupt Men

Citywire Americas Magazine
Gabriel Caballero Jr. | Rebecca Leon

Financial Services Attorneys Rebecca Leon and Gabriel Caballero wrote an article for Citywire Americas Magazine on the new anti-corruption initiatives in Latin America and the new Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) taskforce that could inadvertently catch financial institutions doing business in Latin America breaking the law if they are not complying with the latest anti-bribery/anti-corruption (ABC) laws. Ms. Leon and Mr. Caballero examine the various new laws that have been passed and how firms need to be wary of the fact that many ABC laws have effectively deputized them to monitor and report certain activities.

Ms. Leon and Mr. Caballero recommend that financial institutions and U.S. wealth management firms familiarize themselves with the latest ABC laws and correct their outdated U.S. centric policies and compliance programs.

READ: No Country For Corrupt Men (Article Starts on Page 33)

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