June 13, 2024

Without Gas, Without Coal and Without Renewables

La República
Inés Elvira Vesga

Energy attorney Inés Elvira Vesga published a column in La República analyzing the current state of Colombia's energy sector, in particular the crisis resulting from an increase in demand without an equivalent increase in supply. Ms. Vesga explains that the government has remained faithful its promises to end oil and mining activity, but the ebbing of fossil fuels has not been accompanied by a push toward renewable energy. For example, wind energy projects assigned between 2019 and 2021 should have started operations in 2022, but to this day none have begun. The lack of development has created a critical situation for energy security in the country, the author says, and it is important for the government to assume responsibly the work of devoting the resources necessary to solidify the sector and instill confidence in investors.

READ: Without Gas, Without Coal and Without Renewables

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