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November 12, 2019

Entrepreneurial Women Learn to Believe in Themselves, Take Risks and Not be Afraid to Fail

People & Computers

Attorney Meital Stavinsky was quoted in People & Computers to discuss her role in helping Israeli technology companies seeking to expand their operations in the U.S. and South America. She focuses on enhancing the presence of Israeli technology companies in the U.S. by providing business and government consulting, in addition to emphasizing the small-tech, agri-tech and transportation industries.

"It is of great importance to assist Israeli companies and startups in understanding the regulatory framework in the U.S., and to find sources of funding and strategic partners to expand their operations there. We all know the data: By 2050, the world will need to feed more than nine billion people, and the way to address such a challenge is through the implementation of technologies in agriculture and food. Countries are frantically seeking technological solutions and ways to produce more food and water, legalize land, deal with pests and so on," said Ms. Stavinsky, when discussing the critical role of pod-tech and agri-tech in advanced technologies.

She also discussed a successful lobbying move that she led with Netafirm in the U.S. "Besides water to the fields, Netafirm also contributes to empowering women in developing countries. Netafim is a company with Israeli development in agriculture that has an impact on empowering women in the world in general and in developing countries in particular. In places like Africa and India, where women work in the field and run small farms, Netafim's solutions are two-fold. For me, connecting women to food and agriculture is natural!."

"On a personal level, it's important for me to promote empowering entrepreneurial women," she says. "In the field of agri-tech, I realized that the number of entrepreneurial women in the industry, similar to other technology industries, is significantly lower than men."

Ms. Stavinsky is dedicated to supporting women in leadership, in addition to breaking the barriers within the agri-tech business by reintroducing diversity to the forefront of the industry.

READ: Entrepreneurial Women Learn to Believe in Themselves, Take Risks and Not be Afraid to Fail (article is in Hebrew) 

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