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September 29, 2020

Holland & Knight Prevails in $4 Million Attorney-Fee Dispute

Daily Business Review

A seven-year dispute over a breach of contract ended in success for a team of Holland & Knight litigators when a judge awarded their side more than $4 million in fees and costs. The dispute began in 2013, when the plaintiffs, two Miami construction companies, sued over a failed irrigation construction contract. The lawsuit accused the Dominican Republic and its water agency, Instituto Nacional De Recursos Hidráulicos (INDRHI), of breaching the contract. The defendants were initially given a default judgment for failing to respond, but after they decided to retain Holland & Knight, Attorneys Gregory Baldwin, Eduardo Ramos and Ilene Pabian successfully argued for a reversal, saying the service had not been handled properly. A bench trial then absolved the Dominican Republic of all liability and gave a low judgment against INDRHI. Subsequent moves from both sides for prevailing party fees and costs resulted in aforementioned award.

Mr. Baldwin said the result was satisfying for a case that "took a lot of patience, a lot of dedication and a great deal of time."

"We're very pleased and satisfied with the result. We think, overall, it's a just and fair result," he added. "The Dominican Republic was completely vindicated, and INDRHI received a damages award against it in an amount that we think was reasonable."

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