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April 30, 2021

4 Opportunities For Federal Clean Energy Procurement


Public Policy attorney Taite McDonald was quoted in a Law360 article about the future of federal clean energy procurement under the Biden Administration. In President Biden's January executive order, federal clean energy procurement stands out as a key component in his plans to tackle climate change. This article highlights four opportunities to cash in on the Biden Administration's clean energy procurement push: electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure, federal buildings, the military and renewable energy for agencies.

Ms. McDonald touched on the opportunity for clean energy developers to power the operations of federal agencies with renewable energy. However, she notes that the biggest challenge with federal clean energy procurement is making the process replicable — it's not like a utility that decides it wants to buy a certain amount of renewable energy and then puts out a request for proposal. "It's a very different process for the government to decide how to meet its needs with renewable energy," she said, pointing to a host of potential variables — "where they need renewable power and resilience, whether it's on-site, off-site or whether it's through the installation's utility" — that can complicate the process.

READ: 4 Opportunities For Federal Clean Energy Procurement

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