We have the highest respect for the knowledge and experience gained in federal judicial clerkships. Judicial clerks receive excellent legal training, intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the court system and a crash-course in legal writing that make them among the most promising lawyers entering the private practice of law. We actively recruit judicial clerks who are highly motivated, who meet the firm’s high standards of character and competence, and who want to practice in a firm committed to excellence. And we value the added expertise and experience you bring with commensurate credit and compensation.

Former Judicial Clerk Testimonials

There is a lot to be said about the quality and variety of work, the quality of our clients and so many other amazing aspects of this firm, but I immediately felt at home with the people here. It's such a positive, encouraging and supportive environment and definitely the kind of environment that has fostered me to be the best attorney I can be. Holland & Knight has such a wonderful, well-deserved reputation for both its legal work and the work that it does in the community. There is also constant encouragement to accept pro bono cases, and that commitment is so important. Just being at Holland & Knight has opened so many doors for me.
As a law student, I was initially attracted to Holland & Knight's international and full-service platform, as well as the firm's emphasis on pro bono service. I've found the firm to be a great place to do meaningful and challenging work right from the start, filled with opportunities to develop leadership skills and take on innovative projects. I'm grateful for the firm's collaborative work culture and for the lifelong friends and mentors that I have found here.