We have the highest respect for the knowledge and experience gained in federal judicial clerkships. Judicial clerks receive excellent legal training, intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the court system and a crash-course in legal writing that make them among the most promising lawyers entering the private practice of law. We actively recruit judicial clerks who are highly motivated, who meet the firm’s high standards of character and competence, and who want to practice in a firm committed to excellence. And we value the added expertise and experience you bring with commensurate credit and compensation.

Former Judicial Clerk Testimonials

I was nervous that postponing my start date with Holland & Knight to clerk for a judge would make me lose touch with the firm or fall behind in my skill set. But the firm encouraged me to clerk and helped me stay connected by including me in events throughout the year. When I returned, I quickly caught up to my peers in acquiring the skills expected of a second-year litigation associate. My clerkship gave me behind-the-scenes insights into the judicial decision-making process and invaluable writing skills that have made me a better advocate and a trusted resource for other attorneys at the firm.
Within my first week at Holland & Knight, one of the senior partners I was working with asked me about my thoughts on a case. It made me realize immediately that this firm is a place where my opinion counts. I have been here for nearly seven years and from the beginning, whether working on a litigation or a transaction, I always have been made to feel that I am a valued part of the team. This team culture has engendered a spirit in me to now look to junior associates to share their views. To me, that is what sets Holland & Knight apart from other firms.