We have the highest respect for the knowledge and experience gained in federal judicial clerkships. Judicial clerks receive excellent legal training, intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the court system and a crash-course in legal writing that make them among the most promising lawyers entering the private practice of law. We actively recruit judicial clerks who are highly motivated, who meet the firm’s high standards of character and competence, and who want to practice in a firm committed to excellence. And we value the added expertise and experience you bring with commensurate credit and compensation.

Former Judicial Clerk Testimonials

After two years of clerking at a federal district court, I was looking to join a law firm where I could build the skills and lessons learned during my clerkship into my practice. I also wanted to find a long-term professional home where I would have access to the same kind of great mentors, colleagues, resources and challenging work that I had enjoyed at the court. Holland & Knight has given me all of that and more. The quality of my peers and mentors, range of complex legal problems for world-class clients and opportunities to leverage my clerkship experiences made Holland & Knight the perfect platform for my transition from clerking to private practice.
Clerking for a federal judge was an invaluable way to start my legal career. My clerkship allowed me to hone my writing ability and analytical thinking, while giving me first-hand trial exposure and insight into a judge's thought-process. My clerkship experience provided a strong base for my legal practice at Holland & Knight and has, without a doubt, made me a more skilled, thoughtful and confident attorney.