We have the highest respect for the knowledge and experience gained in federal judicial clerkships. Judicial clerks receive excellent legal training, intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the court system and a crash-course in legal writing that make them among the most promising lawyers entering the private practice of law. We actively recruit judicial clerks who are highly motivated, who meet the firm’s high standards of character and competence, and who want to practice in a firm committed to excellence. And we value the added expertise and experience you bring with commensurate credit and compensation.

Former Judicial Clerk Testimonials

My federal appellate clerkship was an invaluable experience. It made me confident in my research, writing and analytical skills and helped me to hit the ground running when I started at Holland & Knight. Both litigation and appellate partners frequently seek my opinion on issues because of the perspective I gained while clerking.
When I was a judicial clerk, the judge I worked for was fond of telling me my clerkship would be the greatest year of my legal career. Being a clerk was one of the best years of my career and provided me with valuable experience, but it cannot match my experience at Holland & Knight, where for nearly a decade I have helped grow teams and build relationships. Those relationships have been the best part of my career. Nothing compares to working together across our offices to land a new lateral recruit, serve a client or to develop a new client.