Holland & Knight Forms Multidisciplinary Chevron Deference Working Team

Holland & Knight has announced the formation of a Chevron Deference Working Team as part of efforts to be prepared for upcoming regulatory changes and evolving legal decisions surrounding the Chevron deference doctrine.

Team members are Partners Amit Agarwal, Lynn Calkins, Andy Emerson, Rich Gold, Steven Gordon, Dimitrios Karakitsos, Rafe Petersen, Christine Walz and John Wood, along with Associates Brent Cooper, Amy O'Brien and Alexandra Ward

As part of communication efforts surrounding the Chevron Deference Working Team, Holland & Knight published an alert on anticipated Supreme Court activity. 

The Chevron doctrine was established nearly 40 years ago in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, in which the justices ruled that courts should defer to an agency's reasonable interpretation of ambiguous statutes it administers. This deference rests on a presumption that federal agencies exercise specialized expertise in interpreting certain laws, emphasizing deference to agency interpretations deemed reasonable. 

The firm's Chevron Deference Working Team includes regulatory, litigation and public policy attorneys from multiple practice areas to offer comprehensive support to clients and help them navigate these complex legal issues with confidence. 

Formation of the Holland & Knight team coincides with recent Supreme Court proceedings suggesting that the Chevron deference doctrine is under scrutiny and potentially faces significant revisions or limitations. The possible overhaul of Chevron deference could bring about fundamental changes in administrative law, affecting regulatory interpretations and enforcement by various agencies. Given the reliance of agencies on expert interpretations, any alterations to the Chevron deference doctrine would require careful consideration and adaptation of legal, regulatory and legislative strategies. 

For more information or assistance regarding the Chevron deference doctrine and related legal matters, please reach out to the Chevron Deference Working Team.

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