Mexico Regulatory and Government Affairs Team

Holland & Knight's Regulatory and Government Affairs Team in Mexico focuses on providing strategic intelligence, as well as regulatory and political counseling, to help improve the decision-making process for a wide range of clients, including businesses and nongovernmental organizations, mainly in highly regulated markets.

Our Regulatory and Government Affairs Team includes qualified attorneys and policy advisors who have a thorough understanding of local and federal government regulations and policies in Mexico. Our experience and background are what distinguishes us, allowing our team to help take our clients' national and local advocacy efforts to the next level. Holland & Knight's multidisciplinary group provides a holistic, proactive and effective approach to federal or local relations for our clients.

With Holland & Knight's team of attorneys and policy advisors providing strategic insights, including our monthly Eyes on Mexico Political Overview, our clients gain a nuanced understanding of the prevailing regulatory, political and economic landscape.

Our team's experience and guidance help companies enhance their decision-making processes, aligning their strategies with the current climate. Moreover, our analysis can identify potential threats and opportunities within the public domain, assist businesses in proactively navigating challenges and help them capitalize on favorable conditions.

Holland & Knight's comprehensive services include developing strategies designed to support clients in achieving success on their legislative, federal or local priorities; building coalitions and new connections with key stakeholders; assisting with messaging and communications; creating initiatives to raise a client's profile; strengthening and expanding ties with Mexico's executive and legislative branches, as well as with federal and local regulatory agencies; monitoring, shaping, drafting and advocating for legislation.

We are known for our ability to address bilateral issues that affect the operation of our clients' businesses in Mexico and the United States.

Our extensive presence in different parts of the world across various global Holland & Knight offices, enables the Regulatory and Government Affairs Team to offer clients a complete and comprehensive understanding of how to establish their company in Mexico.