May 9, 2022

Key Risks in Federal Contracting: Insights from SEC Filings

Holland & Knight Webinar

Holland & Knight's Government Contracts Group hosted a webinar reviewing insights provided by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings of publicly traded government contractors. These businesses are required to disclose risk factors and uncertainties that they consider material to their performance and operating results. When disclosures from many successful businesses are consolidated, they provide a helpful compilation of experience, prudence and even wisdom about which risks warrant the attention of leadership.

During this webinar, attorneys David Black, Eric Crusius and Christian Nagel offered pointers to help contractors spot problems in advance and provide them with a clearer view of the "forest" of federal contracting risk, rather than getting caught in the "trees" of individual issues. Our goal was to enhance awareness and help attendees better understand and prioritize their overall risk profile as a federal contractor or subcontractor.

Topics discussed:

  • appropriations and funding
  • legal and regulatory reform
  • competition and the procurement process
  • bid protests
  • changing customer requirements (expressed as contract modifications/terminations)
  • audits and investigations
  • enforcement
  • contract performance and cost experience (inflation)
  • human resources
  • subcontractor and teaming relationships
  • cybersecurity and privacy
  • international operations
  • reputational risk 

Duration: 1:16:24

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