Summer 2019

Holland & Knight's Israel Practice Newsletter: Summer 2019

Herman R. Lipkis | Joseph A. Guay | Meital Stavinsky | Kevin E. Packman

Holland & Knight invites you to read our Summer 2019 Israel Practice newsletter, in which our authors discuss pertinent American-Israeli topics. As Israel has been a crossroads and a prolific source of new ideas for more than 3,000 years, a natural tradition of inventiveness finds its most recent expression in the creation of a technology startup ecosystem with global impact. This newsletter, among other relevant topics, addresses how the innovative technologies and ideas generated in Israel can be deployed in the United States and globally.


  • Words to the Wise for Israeli Investors: Foreign Investment in the United States in the Wake of FIRRMA
  • Live, Work, Stay: Considerations for Coworking in Hotels
  • Pre-Immigration Tax Planning is Critical for Foreigners Moving to the United States
  • The Politicians Couldn't Form a Coalition, the Hi-Tech Sector Actually Did
  • Is the New IRS Expatriation Initiative Really Better Than an Existing Program and Law?

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