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December 27, 2022

Energy Consultations Will Certainly Be Resolved


International Trade and Arbitration attorney Carlos Véjar was interviewed by the newspaper Reforma about how, in order for Mexico's energy sector to achieve its international objectives, the government must find a resolution to the dispute regarding the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Following the United States and Canada's request for dispute resolution consultations with Mexico, claiming to have violated the USMCA in the summer of this year, a resolution has yet to be found. Mr. Véjar believes that the issues are broader than what is in the USMCA. He emphasizes the importance of finding a resolution to this dispute and questions whether there is a way Mexico's energy sector can achieve its objectives without violating the USMCA.

"The issue is broader than what the USMCA says, one thing is international commitments for investment and trade in the sector and another is long-term objectives and how to develop a competitive, low-cost and efficient energy sector. That is the problem with a dispute like this that, instead of resolving an issue, it ends up complicating everything. The question is: is there no way to achieve real, non-political objectives without violating the USMCA?", he said. 

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