Federal Budget and Appropriations

  • Holland & Knight’s Federal Budget and Appropriations Team has vast experience spanning decades of elections cycle, making us ideal partners to guide you through the bureaucratic maze.
  • Members of our team maintain established working relationships with key members of Congress and staff of the appropriations committees in both the House and the Senate.
  • Our Budget and Appropriations Team has secured policy results and funding appropriations for clients over the last decade.
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Whether you're seeking a policy change at a federal agency, funding for local infrastructure, training programs or the funding of a government contract or grant for corporate or nonprofit clients, having an experienced advocate who understands the process is key.

The Support You Need – From Strategy and Advocacy Through Implementation

Holland & Knight has an established budget and appropriations practice in Washington, D.C., with extensive experience in all aspects of federal appropriations law. Our Federal Budget & Appropriations Team has secured billions of dollars and exceptional policy results over the last decade for clients. We understand the process and know how, where and when to intervene.
With more than a century of experience among our team members, we have developed excellent working relationships with key members of Congress and staff of the appropriations committees in both the House and the Senate. In addition, we have extensive experience representing clients in front of key staff at critical agencies and in the White House, including the Office of Management and Budget.

Experience and Attention to Detail

There are 24 appropriations subcommittees between the House and the Senate. Each subcommittee has its own set of deadlines for funding requests. Many requests submitted on behalf of our clients involve the support of more than one member of Congress. Even with over 80 appropriations clients, 24 subcommittees, dozens of representatives and varied deadlines, members of the Federal Budget and Appropriations Team coordinate project schedules as part of our commitment to meet every deadline.
We have experience in drafting report language that has the intended outcome of instructing a federal agency to act in a positive manner for our clients, whether that be to conduct a study, undertake a particular policy activity, consider certain criteria when evaluating projects or to include client projects on key lists for potential funding.

Meeting the Challenge

Obtaining earmarked funding for projects is more challenging in the current federal budget environment than in previous years due to several factors, including increased scrutiny of budget expenditures. Holland & Knight's Federal Budget and Appropriations Team is committed to using our knowledge and experience for getting federal funding for our clients' projects. The results shown below illustrate what we have accomplished for clients:

  • assisting corporations and governments over the past several years to obtain earmarked grant funding in each of the 12 annual federal appropriations bills for initiatives such as transportation projects, water infrastructure projects, health care facility upgrades, and educational programs
  • achieving over $70 million for a road expansion project for a local government, $50 million for a national nonprofit's disaster relief program, and $17 million for a client's defense contract
  • coordinating efforts to assist a trade association in obtaining over $150 million in federal funding for key environmental research and homeland security programs
  • obtaining over $8 million for a nonprofit client's public education and outreach efforts on groundwater protection
  • helping a client obtain appropriations and government contracts worth over $30 million in the defense aviation industry
  • achieving over $20 million for a consortium of research universities and agriculture business companies to conduct biotechnology research on renewable fuels resources and accelerate technology transfer of that research to the private sector
  • securing $64.8 million for a transit authority for the construction of a light rail project
  • obtaining over $50 million to be used in the regional water supply planning and design for a water planning district

Related Support Activities

Members of the Federal Budget and Appropriations Team also provide assistance to clients on related support activities such as:

  • weekly grant notification – provide information regarding recently announced federal grant opportunities - we comb through the Federal Register, Grants.gov, and other resources to identify specific funding that may be of interest
  • drafting legislation – complete support, drafting entire bills or limited provisions for pending legislation
  • testimony for presentation before congressional committees – preparation of testimony for presentation before congressional committees

When results in the appropriations process are critical, our attorneys and professionals are dedicated to helping advocate for your success.