ESG: Calculating Carbon Emissions for Financiers and Investor Assessment and Reporting

Green Financing Series: Part 1
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April 28, 2021
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) investing measures the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company or business. These types of investments in green financing – credit for projects promoting improved environmental outcomes and sustainability – are increasingly becoming central features of U.S. and international markets, climate change mitigation, abatement of greenhouse gas emissions and public policy decisions.

Please join Holland & Knight, in association with the University of Miami School of Law, for our three-part series that will take an in-depth look at the core features of green financing, as well as provide analysis of its regulation and its far-reaching implications. Our speakers will discuss how various industries could benefit, examine opportunities and present scenarios that could affect you, your business or your clients. Companies that will benefit from this discussion include those in the aviation, shipping, power generation and real estate sectors.

Part 1 | ESG: Calculating Carbon Emissions for Financiers and Investor Assessment and Reporting

The first part will focus on the foundational issues of data, reporting and calculation, which are the undercarriage for the environmental aspects of ESG.

It will address these topics (view event agenda):

  • Current method of bank and investor ESG emissions reporting
  • Emerging regulatory trends and implications
  • Connection with developing U.S. government policy
  • Fundamental data and methodological questions

Presentations and a panel discussion will follow, examining these issues from a multi-sectoral perspective (aviation, shipping, power generation and real estate). That will include presentation of the carbon calculator developed by the Aviation Working Group (AWG), for which Holland & Knight is international supporting counsel. The new tool calculates the emissions of aircraft and fleet portfolios, which will help ESG investors assess and report in connection with aviation financing and leasing transactions.

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Topics and Presenters

Current Method of Bank and Investor ESG Emissions Reporting
Jamie Martin | Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Global Sustainable Finance

Emerging Regulatory Trends and Implications
Caroline Bradley | Professor and Associate Dean, University of Miami School of Law

Connection with Developing U.S. Government Policy
Beth Viola | Senior Policy Advisor, Holland & Knight

Fundamental Data and Methodological Questions
Jeffrey Wool | Partner and Director of International Law and Policy, Holland & Knight (on secondment to the Aviation Working Group)

Industrial Sectors and Presenters

Aviation: Example of Carbon Calculator Developed by Aviation Working Group
Daniel da Silva | Vice President, Strategic Regulatory Policy, Boeing Capital Corporation; Co-Chair, Aviation Working Group

Michael Parker | Chairman, Global Shipping, Logistics and Offshore, Citigroup
Jovi Tenev | Partner, Holland & Knight

Power Generation
Lara Rios | Partner, Holland & Knight

Real Estate and Related Financings
Stephen Humes | Partner, Holland & Knight
Mark Kalpin | Partner, Holland & Knight 

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